Our Recommendation 5 Best Pin Vise for Miniatures in 2024

The day has finally arrived. The Warhammer 40k miniature is finally available on the market. You waste no time and rush to your nearby store to get yourself one. After returning home, you immediately open the box and see it in its full glory.

But, wait. What’s that? The miniature gun barrel has no hole in it. How is it supposed to look realistic if there’s no hole for the bullet to come out? To solve this problem, you’ll need a pin vise.

As miniatures are too tiny and fragile, you have to be super precise and careful while drilling holes in them.

This is why you should only use the best pin vise for miniatures. We have rounded up some top-of-the-line pin vises so that you won’t have to waste time looking for the best one.

Our Top Choice 5 Best Pin Vise for Miniatures Reviews

As we have said earlier, precision and accuracy matter the most when drilling miniatures with a pin vise. If you, for example, use too much pressure or drill inaccurately, the miniature might break.

The pin vises we have gathered here have a wide range of advantages. Before you settle down for one, check them out.

Hobby Drill Bits by WindCloud

Professional Pin Vise Hand Drill Bits, Mini Twist Drill Bits Set (0.8-3.0mm), Precision Hand Drill Bits Rotary Tools Set of 11, for Metal Wood, Manual Work DIY, Jewelry, Assembling, Model Making
  • 【Ergonomic Design】Pen size design, easily adjustable vise head to clamp the drill, Precise designed chuck to keep that drill upright easy to carry and store
  • 【Precise and Durable】Mini Hand Drill and 10 pcs twist drill are made of high speed steel hand drill to make sure the Pin Vice Drill is ready for any hobby or precision job, the ribbed handle gives you the right leverage when you turn the vise, giving you speed and handle your precision designs
  • 【Adjustable】3 Claw hardened steel chuck, the hand drill can be equipped with many drill, It can hold slim drill bits firmly. This hand drill has an adjustable drill holder that matches the different drill sizes you use
  • 【Precision Pin Vise】A hand manual drill has many different uses given the diverse nature of this tool. Most common use is for precision drilling
  • 【Wide Application】Compact size, light, perfect for wood, plastic, walnut, amber, beads, beeswax, olive nut, small model kit and many other DIY projects that require the drilling of precise holes

Suppose you are a multitasker who constantly switches between miniatures and jewelry making; you’d know that those works require multiple size pin vise drill bits.

And sometimes aftermarket drill bits don’t fit perfectly with the pin vise you own. This is why we bring you the WindCloud pin vise.

This pin vise comes with ten different drill bits that are made of high-quality steel. The sizes are 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm, 2.5mm, 2.8mm, 3.0mm.

From super tiny bits to bold ones, you can have it all. Now you can drill the exact size hole you want.

With this pin vise, you can drill holes in miniatures and in plastic, PVC, resin, jewelry, rubber, wood, and many other materials. Truly an all-purpose pin vise.

The alloy handle is one of the best things about this pin vise. When drilling, the handle is where your fingers will be all the time.

The handle has an anti-slip texture so that when you rotate it, you get a good grip. Without a proper grip, drilling can be a nightmare.

The body, however, feels quite wobbly and squeaky. You can solve it by using a bit of oil. Everything else is phenomenal, considering the price.

Highlighted Features

  • It can be used on many things such as plastic, PVC, wood.
  • Comes with 10 pieces of different sized drill bits.
  • Anti-slip alloy handle for a good grip.
  • 3-claw steel chuck for durability.

Craft911 Miniature Pin Vise

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Durability and ergonomics won’t matter If you are having a hard time drilling holes in miniatures. No matter how strong the drill bits are, you’ll need super sharp bits to drill a perfect hole, and that’s why we are here.

The craft911 drill bits are crafted with precise engineering. They have designed the bits so that you can drill holes using half the pressure compared to other pin vise drill bits.

The bits are so sharp that you won’t have to use a knife to make the mark. You can drill directly.

These gold-plated bits are made of M35 high-speed steel so that you can drill through just about anything, including pearls, wood, any jewelry items, miniatures, and resin.

Craft911 provides 18 drill bits for a wide range of drill holes. Just switch the drill bit and if you want a bigger or smaller hole.

 There are multiple 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and 1mm bits included in the 18 pieces set so that if you lose or break any, you won’t have to buy again.

Last but not least. The handle is made out of rubber for excellent grip and comfort. Steel handles are great for grip but provide little to no comfort. In conclusion, this is hands down the best pin vise for miniatures.

Highlighted Features

  • The sharp drill bits are made out of M35 high-speed steel.
  • Comes with 18 different drill bits.
  • The rubber handle provides excellent grip and comfort.
  • Pin vise body made out of aluminum.

Army Painter Modelcraft Pin Vise

Tired of hearing those squeaky noises while rotating your pin vise? Well, so are we. The squeakiness followed by a not-so-smooth rotation can annoy everyone literally. Say adios to those problems because the army painter is here.

This pin vise may look average, but don’t mistake demeaning it for the looks. It has ball bearings for smooth drilling.

Unlike other pin vises, this one does not make any noise while drilling. So no need to put oil in it. Avoid the citadel version of this pin vise.

The whole body is a lot thicker than most of the pin vises from this price range. Being thicker means, you have a better grip when drilling.

Lots of people feel a wobble when drilling with pin vises. You’d be glad to know that there’s nothing like that here.

The only issue we had with this is that it comes with only three chucks and drill bits, including 1mm, 1.4mm, and 1.8mm. So if you are working with a tiny miniature, this pin vise might be overkill.

Suppose you are a person who works with fairly big-sized miniatures. The Army Painter model craft pin vise will serve you well. Smooth drilling is just one order away.

Highlighted Features

  • Ball-bearing head for smooth drilling.
  • Comes with three different chuck and drill bits.
  • Super thick and sturdy body for precise drilling.
  • Very low price.
  • Has no squeaky noise or wobbliness while drilling.

Starrett Pin Vise Tool

Starrett Pin Vise with Knurled Handles, Smaller Body Diameter than the Chuck, and Special Tapered Collet for Maximum Clamping Surface - 0-.040" Range - 162A
  • Switching Made Easy - The Starrett's Pin Vise handles are reduced in size, so it can be easily rotated between thumb and finger when filing small work.
  • Convenient - Our Starrett tool features a smaller body diameter than the chuck for fast opening, closing and rapid rotation for precision work ensuring quality results.
  • Secures into Place - It offers a special tapered collet for an improved grip and a maximum clamping surface for excellent performance in every application.
  • Comes in Different Variations - Pin vises are tool holding devices that allow small tools to be held in place with positive acting jaws. Available in a wide variety of collet, handle, and length variations.
  • Precision Tools - Our Starrett hand tools have been the standard for high quality dimensional measuring tools since 1880, manufactured with excellence and superior workmanship.

Making the best pin vise for miniatures list and not including Starrett would be a crime. This is a pin vise for those people who want precision as well as speed. Let’s take a deeper look into this pin vise, shall we?

The Starrett pin vise tool is only 3 and a half inches in length. This makes it the smallest pin vise on this list, but don’t let the size fool you.

This pin vise is capable of rapidly drilling miniatures. Achieving this speed was possible due to its small handles that spin fast.

If you are worried about holding this tiny pin vise properly, then don’t be. The knurled rings and handle give the user a firm grip.

Those tiny knurled textures fit right into your fingers. As the handles aren’t rubber (which they rarely are), holding them for long won’t be comfortable.

The body of the pin vise is made out of nickel. Because of this, you can expect long-lasting durability. Furthermore, this pin vise won’t wear out easily.

The only downside is that it does not come with any drill bits. You’ll have to buy them separately. If that’s not a deal-breaker, the Starrett 162A pin vise will be an amazing tool for your miniatures.

Highlighted Features

  • Pin vise made out of nickel for maximum durability and wear protection.
  • The size of the pin vise is only 3 and a half inches.
  • Capable of drilling super fast while maintaining precision.
  • Knurled rings and handle for a good grip.

Tamiya Pin Vise for Miniatures

Tamiya 74112 Fine Pin Vise D-R (0.1-3.2mm)
  • Rotating grip end features built-in ball bearings for smooth movement
  • Made from nickel-plated brass, with elastomer grip
  • Handy craft tool
  • Target gender: Men and women shared

If a cheap pin vise is not your cup of tea, and you also don’t want to spend a high amount of money for one, the Tamiya 74112 fine pin vise will be excellent for you. It sits just on the middle price range yet performs like top-end ones.

The very first thing you’ll notice when using this pin vise for the first is the rotation. When you are drilling, it will spin like a knife going through butter.

It spins freely and smoothly, and there’s no squeaky sound at all. All of this is possible due to the ball bearing.

The in-hand feeling of using this pin vise is very premium. The pin vise also has a very good weight distribution which helps provide a good heft to it.

Knurled handles are great for grip, but they don’t provide comfort. The handle of this pin vise is made out of rubber that has straight-line textures.

The grip is phenomenal when drilling, and it also causes no hand fatigue when drilling for a long time.

The pin vise supports a wide range of drill bits from 0.1mm to 3.2mm. But, sadly it doesn’t come with any so you’ll have to buy those separately.

With all that out of the way, the Tamiya fine pin vise hand drill is a phenomenal tool, no argument.

Highlighted Features

  • Ball-bearing for ultra-smooth spinning.
  • Has a really good weight distribution for a great in-hand feel.
  • Rubber handles for grip and comfort.
  • Supports drill bits 0.1mm-3.2mm.

Top 5 Miniature Pin Vise/Drill Bits Comparison Table

NameMade out ofHandleSupported drill bitsIncluded drill bitsRotation
WindCloud professionalHigh speed steelKnurled steel handleFrom 0.8mm to 3.0mm10 included drill bitsAverage
Craft911 pin vise hand drillAluminiumRubber handleFrom 0.6mm to 3.mm18 included drill bitsSmooth.
The Army PainterSteelNormal steel handleSupports 1mm, 1.4mm and 1.8mm3 included drill bitsVery smooth
Starrett 162A pin vise toolNickel platedKnurled nickel plated handleSupports 0-1mm, 0.8-1.6mm, 1.3-3.2mm, and 2.9-4.8mmDoes not include any drill bitsAverage.
Tamiya 74112 fine pin viseNickel plated brassRubber handleSupports 0.1mm to 3.2mmDoes not include any drill bitsVery smooth.

Pin Vise for Miniatures Buying guide

Miniatures, as the name says, are very tiny and most often than not, very fragile. This is why you need the right pressure, accuracy, and hand movement when drilling with a pin vise.

If the pin vise cannot deliver all those, it might end up damaging your miniature, and you wouldn’t want that, would you? In this section, we will talk about which features make a perfect pin vise. So let’s get started.

Best Pin Vise for Miniatures


The very first thing you should look out for is the material used for making the pin vise. Usually, you’ll find three types of material: steel, aluminum, and nickel.

 Steel is the most durable and hefty material out of all three. It has a better build quality, but it’s heavier than the others.

Aluminum is less durable than steel but has a lightweight feel to it. It is also more resistant to corrosion and has higher oxidation. All of these things make aluminum a choice for those who want longevity.

Lastly, we have brushed nickel. It is also very durable and strong but not as compared to the others. If you have a tight budget, you may go with nickel. But always try to get either steel or aluminum.


How your pin vise spins or rotates is arguably the most important thing you should focus on. When drilling, you should have a perfectly smooth rotation. Otherwise, you might not be able to drill properly or even get annoyed.

In this case, you only have one option, which is ball bearing. Any pin vise that has a ball bearing will perform buttery smooth. If you can’t get a ball bearing pin vise, you will face squeaky noises or even wobbliness.

 Putting some oil inside the pin vise might temporarily solve the noises, though. But why put so much effort into it when you can just buy a ball-bearing pin vise?

Best Pin Vise for Miniatures

Drill bits

Every miniature you work with won’t require the same size drill hole. This is why you should go for a pin vise that supports a wide range of drill bits.

It is best to go for a pin vise that supports 10 drill bits or at least 3 to 5 bits. Do not buy those that only support one drill bit. If you have multiple-size drill bits, you can work with other DIY crafts as well.

Furthermore, it would be best to go for pin vises that already come with 3 to 10 drill bits. Using the included drill bits offer a far greater fit than buying drill bits separately.

It’s not like aftermarket drill bits won’t fit properly, but you know, manufacturers know their products the best.


Come to think of it, every part of a pin vise is very important for a good drilling performance. Your fingers will directly rest on the handles.

If you have a handle with good texture, you’ll get a good grip. Knurled handles are great for this. But after drilling for a while, you might feel discomfort using knurled handles.

To get a good grip and excellent comfort, we suggest buying pin vises that have rubber handles. They are removable and washable, so you can just clean them and make them look new if the handles get dirty.

When drilling for a long time, rubber handles are the only ones that reduce hand fatigue.

FAQs About Miniatures Pin Vise/Drill Bits

Best Pin Vise for Miniatures

How to use a pin vise for miniatures?

The very first thing you’ll have to do is put the drill bit inside the pin vise. To do that, you have to turn the top counterclockwise.

This will open the pin vise. Now insert the drill bit of your liking and turn it clockwise to close the top. Grip the top with your palm, and put your fingers on the handle. Now start drilling.

What else can I use my pin vise on except for miniatures?

The usage of pin vises is unlimited. You can use it on anything not too hard, like resin, wood, plastic, PVC, walnut, and even for making jewelry. Just make sure your drill bit is up for the task.

Can I drill a hole on glass using my pin vise for miniatures?

If you have a steady hand and a lot of patience, you may be able to drill holes in glasses. But you can’t do that with the included drill bits. You have to use drill bits that were designed for glass and ceramics.

How do I use my pin vise to drill holes in miniatures the proper way?

Lots of people complain that they can’t drill a hole no matter how hard they try. This is because they tend to use the pin vise directly.

To drill a hole properly, you need to use a small knife and first make a tiny hole/dent. Then you place the pin vise and start drilling.

Final words

Whether drilling holes in the gun barrels to give the miniature action figure a realistic look or drilling holes to make the miniature stick together properly, there are no other alternatives to using a pin vise.

As miniatures are too tiny and fragile, you should only use the best pin vise for miniatures for an optimal result. Don’t cheap out on this tool because it might damage your precious miniature.

Furthermore, did you know that you can use pin vises to hold small wood or metal parts for works such as sanding? You can also use them to twist wires. Best at not only drilling miniatures but lots of other things.

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