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Yes, YOU. We’re always looking for new authors to contribute their voices and perspectives on topics that are keeping you up at night! If your idea challenges readers while moving our industry forward, then we want nothing more than hear about it.

We’ll be honest with you – writing for Norwoodclub.com is no easy feat. We want your article to stand out, and that means giving it everything! Once accepted by our team of editors (and after providing some key revisions), we’ll work closely alongside one another until everything looks just right.

Norwoodclub currently accepts guest blogging, contributor, sponsored posts, sponsor links, partnerships, advertising, promotion brand, guest blog, as well as generating backlinks. 

Let us know, and you could be our next guest blogger!

What We’re Looking For

You may submit an article, a rough draft, a partial draft, a short pitch, or an outline. The more complete your submission is, the better feedback we can give you. If you want to be a part of our blog, we need original content—nothing published elsewhere (including on your blog).

Your submission will be more likely to succeed if you take a few minutes now and then before submitting. There are some general rules:

  • We welcome articles from all over, provided they’re 1000 words or more long.
  • Please submit 2-3 landscape orientation images along with your content.
  • Unique and relevant content is the key.
  • You must submit the article in Google Docs and send us the URL with edit access.
  • The keyword density must be at least 1% – 1.5% (You can use many free tools on the Internet).
  • Use subheadings – H2 or H3 in the article.
  • We DO NOT accept affiliate articles, product reviews, spam SEO articles, … any kind of those.
  • Your URL, which you want to keep as a do-follow (We will accept 1 do-follow link only).
  • Please note that we reserve the right to edit your Guest Post article.

Guest Posting

Articles can come in many different forms, depending on the complexity of a subject. 1000-word articles are average, but they often have custom illustrations to make them more interesting and engaging for readers! The tone will vary between tutorials or posts less intensive and research papers with rigorous structure.

Sponsored Links, Sponsored Posts

We’re always looking for new sponsors who want their brands to be seen alongside high-quality content. If you think your company would interest us, please get in touch. In-content Link, Sponsored Link, Paid Link,  Link placement, Niche edit. Just search through my blog for the appropriate anchor text and use it to link your specific URLs. Anyone who donates at least $$ gets access to this option and chooses their own reference from among those available on-site. 

We accept Guest posts, Paid Links or Sponsored posts at competitive rates. For more details, You can contact us via email at [email protected].

Advertising On Blogs, PR Branding 

Blog advertising is a proven moneymaker. It’s not as complicated or intimidating as you might think, and there are plenty of options out in the world for bloggers who want to take their first steps into this exciting realm.

Hi friend! You’re about to embark on a new adventure with us—your campaign for success is soon going live. The first step of this journey will be advertising in our blog so that people can see what you sell. If you are interested in Partnership & Advertise, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Topics We Cover

Our site blog accepts topics spanning about: 

  • Visual Arts
  •  Literary Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Artist Bibliography
  • Different Epochs
  • Art Therapy
  • Art Debate
  • Art Persuasive Speech
  • Cultures
  • Miscellaneous Art Essay
  • Art Argumentative Essay
  • Etc