About Us

Norwoodclub.com is a website dedicated to the arts. It was founded in 2006 by two artists, John Norwood and Jane Club, with the goal of providing a space for artists to share their work and connect with one another. The website offers features such as a gallery, forum, and blog, as well as resources for artists such as tutorials and tips.

Norwoodclub.com is a valuable resource for artists of all levels of experience. The gallery features artwork from both professional and amateur artists, and the forum is a great place to ask questions and get feedback from other artists. The blog is regularly updated with new posts about art-related topics, from how to create a portfolio to tips for selling your work.

Our goal is to provide artists with a place to showcase their work and connect with others in the art community. We offer resources such as tutorials and tips, as well as a forum and gallery where artists can share their work.  We also host regular events and classes, as well as a blog that provides insight into the world of art.

At Norwoodclub.com, we strive to create an atmosphere where artists can grow and learn from one another. We believe in the power of collaboration, and we hope to bring together people who share a passion for the arts.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you! You can find our contact information on the website, or feel free to reach out directly at [email protected]. Thank you for considering Norwoodclub.com as your online art resource!  We look forward to hearing from you.